Pelion diary


There are two distinctly unique Love Stories about to be told in two stunning locations in Northern Greece: Mount Pelion and Meteora. Designed to inspire and elevate your portfolio, these immersive love-story infused Fine Art Editorial Experiences will captive your soul and inject new life into your portfolio.


November 2, 2022

This Editorial experience will embody TRUTH & HONOUR as a felt emotion through the love story of Alatea and Timoteo as our first story editorial unfolds in MOUNT PELION. Romance will begin early in the day as the couple get ready together in a romantic and traditional 1800`s historic stone cottage by the Aegean sea. By the nightfall they will exchange their vows under the candlelit canopy of a majestic 300 year old Linden tree. It`s sweet-smelling heart-shape leaves carry an ancient tale that "you can not tell a lie under its branches." All these in a special location in Tsagkarada, Pelion


November 5, 2022

This Editorial Experience is emboldened by HOPE & FREEDOM as a felt emotion through the Love Story of Evangeline + Ilias as our second Love Story Editorial is revealed against the stunning backdrop of the monastery clifftops of METEORA. Inspired by the wind and sparrows, freedom and fearlessness, these lovers meet under an ancient bridge by a waterfall as they make their way to the clifftops of Meteora to elope… breaking free from the chains of their old lives and pain from the past.

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